Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two of the Worst Comedies I've Seen All Year...Back to Back...And Both Starring Steve Carell!

I like Steve Carell a lot on THE OFFICE...Michael Scott is one of the funniest characters ever conceived on American television... it's particularly painful to report that DATE NIGHT and DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS (a remake of the great 1998 Francis Veber comedy LE DINER DE CONS), which I just saw back to back on Friday and Saturday nights, are so vapid and unfunny, they almost make FUNNY PEOPLE look like an accomplished arthouse classic. Both star Carell (who maybe should not rush to exit his hit TV shows if he's going to make movies like these). Both are nearly impossible to sit through at home on DVD...How the hell did people make it through 90 minutes of this crap in a movie theater?!?

To call these two 2010 stinkers broad comedy is insulting to broads all over the world!

By the way, if you want to see Zach Gararfinkulosopolis officially jump the shark, DINNER is the movie for you! Poor Paul Rudd, didn't he read the script? Maybe Carell is so big a star, he hires a mole to read his scripts for him. Or a bat. It's hard to believe that these smart actors would want to make this movie based on the "jokes."

Once again, I can't muster up the energy or enthusiasm to post a photo to represent this diptych of drek. I will try to close my eyes and forget this weekend, cinematically.

I only pray that Veber got a truckload of money for letting the Hollywood studios crap all over his concept. He's a great filmmaker and a good guy in person and his work is more deserving than this shabby treatment.

To recap....2010: Not exactly the Year of the Comedy in Hollywood...

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