Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BACK ISSUE magazine #71 is out featuring my article on BROTHER VOODOO..SFX: Dum-Dum-DUM-DUM!

As my duties for TwoMorrows Publishing have shifted to associate editor for Comic Book Creator magazine, with #4 (Russ Heath cover story) imminent, this textual exploration of Marvel's Brother Voodoo (featuring co-creator, writer Len Wein) in issue #71 of BACK ISSUE magazine will most likely be my last article for BACK ISSUE.

I'm not sure what editor Michael Eury's plans will be for issue #100, but I'd love to be a part of that big issue when it arrives if it fits his editorial plans. Michael Eury has led the magazine with a sure hand and a light touch that has made the mag a fun and informative read.

That aside, it's been a very fun ride, contributing articles on and off for more than 50 issues, beginning with my debut with an article on Bill Mantlo and Lee Elias/Frank Robbins' The Human Fly in BACK ISSUE #20 and continuing with articles on Son of Satan in BI#21, Captain America and Falcon in #22, a personal favorite of mine: a conversation about Deathlok the Demolisher with Rich Buckler in BI #25, and scores of other articles on everything from Mr. T in the comics to Spectacular Spider-Man and Marvel Team-Up.

I've also had the chance to interview and profile so many people I admire in the pages of BACK ISSUE, including Unknown Soldier artist Gerry Talaoc, Marvel Two-in-One's Ron Wilson, G.I. Joe creator Larry Hama, letterer extraordinaire Janice Chiang and Detroit Rock City artist Mike Vosburg.

Many thanks to Mike Eury for inviting me into the Back Issue fold in the months following the only time we've met in actual person: I believe it was San Diego Comic-Con 2005 following a TwoMorrows panel.

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