Sunday, May 12, 2013

ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO preview- my upcoming Western THE DEVIL'S RUN!

From Michael Aushenker's upcoming Western comics magazine THE DEVIL'S RUN, debuting early October at Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco.
John Heebink, one of the artists on our pending July release, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE HUMAN FLY, cooked up this pin-up for THE DEVIL'S RUN, my upcoming Western and one of two comic books I am lining up for APE (ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO) in San Francisco in early October.

He gave the proceedings a touch of Frank Robbins. The magazine will have two features and several back-up humor pieces, including the return of THOSE UNSTOPPABLE ROGUES!

It's poignant John worked on the pin-up this weekend of all weekends....Yesterday marked the year mark of TONY DE ZUNIGA's passing, and, originally, Tony was going to illustrate parts of this book. But I'm ecstatic to have John, a former Marvel Comics artist, on board for this journey through the old West.

I've always loved Westerns. Marvel put out some great Western comics in the '60s but my real love of Westerns comes from the movies. Sam Peckinpah and Sergio Leone are two of my all-time favorite directors.

Wait till you see what John Heebink has drawn for THE HUMAN FLY, it's going to blow minds! Only a few weeks now till San Diego Comic-Con!! Ya-HOO!

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