Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RIP Eric Donald Schieritz

Today I learned that one of my lifelong friends and my best friend in junior high and one of my best friends in high school and my 20s and 30s took his own life over the weekend.

Our history went back all the way to age 14 at Bancroft Junior High. He was one of my best friends for so many years. A lot of history, a lot of adventures, a lot of great times we had growing up together, through our teens, 20s, 30s.

Unfortunately, he had a self-destructive streak and he played it out to the limit.

He had a brilliant comic mind and had a sophisticated palette for movies and music, and he was very influential on me in many, many ways. Anyone who met him never forgot him. He was a character.

I'll miss him.

Good-bye, Eric. 

Thank you for your years of friendship and sorry the last few years were not as strong as when we began.



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KJPR said...

God bless Eric's spirit, and bless you and your beautiful memories, Michael.