Saturday, October 3, 2009

UNSTOPPABLE ROGUES go futuristic thanks to POWAPP.COM

Two of my new friends, the young marrieds from Irvine, Adonna and Arvie (the cartoonist behind the hard-candy slick 'n' sweet SHADOW CANDY), have created a clever new business. It's a service called POWApp, and POWAPP.COM is where you can take your comics to the next level....getting your comics converted into a Web comic (with page-turning browser action!) or an iPhone application (which Arvie developed himself!).

See for yourself: here is my offbeat, funky little THOSE UNSTOPPABLE ROGUES story in both formats:



Did I say "futuristic?" This comics technology is suddenly very "now," almost the norm, and may soon replace published comics altogether.

I have to admit, I come from the old school, so I personally prefer reading my comics in book form. But I'm not an old fuddy-duddy! There's no reason it has to be either/or when it can be "and" as well....Can't hurt, right?

Visit Adonna and Arvie at POWAPP and hit them with all of your questions. They're very friendly and patient!

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