Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy birthday, Stan!

If my memory is intact, today is the birthday of cartoonist STAN SAKAI, creator of the long-running "funny animal" epic USAGI YOJIMBO. In fact, it's up for an Eagle Award in Great Britain for the category of best b/w American comic as we speak! (thanks, Nilskidoo, for the heads-up!)

Stan has been an acquaintance of mine for years via my membership at CAPS, the cartoonist society he's been a member of since it was founded in 1977. As a person, he's also one of the coolest and easiest-going cartoonists I've ever met, his wife and daughter are terrific, too. And his talent, his work ethic, and his independent vision in this superhero-saturated medium has always been an inspiration. In the repetitive world of mainstream comics, Stan is his own man. Because a diversity of genres and styles is always a good thing, we need more Stan Sakais (no, wait, not people copying Stan, I mean people as talented and distinctive in direction as him! Phew!)

For various reasons, I have not been able to make the monthly CAPS meetings of late (although I need to soon) so if Stan is out there somewhere in the blogosphere, I'll wish him a happy birthday from afar!

Have a fun one, Stan!


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, Stan is actually currently nominated for the Eagle Awards, under "Best Black and White American Comic Book" for Usagi. Here's the link, to spread the love:


Greenblatt the Great! said...

Thanks, Nils! I'll insert it into my post.