Sunday, May 23, 2010

Perhaps sometimes a bad movie idea REALLY IS a bad movie idea

This from an article on the box office performance of MACGRUBER over this weekend:

"MacGruber," a parody of the 1980s series "MacGyver," set a new low in the undistinguished commercial history of movies based on "Saturday Night Live" skits. The inexpensive Rogue Pictures film, which was distributed by Universal Pictures, opened to a dismal $4.1 million.
That's the smallest opening ever for an "SNL" movie in wide release, below even the opening of "The Blues Brothers" in 1980 when ticket prices were a fraction of what they are today. It's also the worst debut for any movie in wide release so far in 2010.

"Blues Brothers 2015," anyone? Hmmm....wonder if that bodes well for the A-TEAM movie....

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