Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ten years ago this month, a guy named Sam had this little movie called "Spider-Man" come out...

Ten years ago this month, Sam Raimi's first SPIDER-MAN movie came out. And now there's the first installment of a new Spider-Man franchise coming in July. Wow. Some things never change. Anyway...Here's my interview with/Jewish Journal cover story on Raimi, conducted Feb. 2002 as he was editing SPIDER-MAN.

Sony only gave me 15 minutes to interview him, we went for an hour and a half, the next day the publicist called me so pissed because I spoke to him for so long and he had a future blockbuster to edit, they then put a moratorium on press. Suck it, Sony - can I help it if the guy liked to talk comics and movies? Oh, well, as we know, it all worked out okay as SPIDER-MAN became the first movie ever to crack the 9 digit opening weekend gross with a still "amazing" $115,000,000 (in 2002 bucks!)

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