Tuesday, September 11, 2012

21 JUMP STREET misses mark

The "21 Jump Street" movie was disappointing, more so cuz hilarious Jonah Hill also co-wrote it (unless 200 references to men "sucking dick" floats your boat comedy-wise). Channum Tatum Whatever Namemum is nothing special as the "Other Guys
" Mark Wahlberg. Johnny Depp cameo is a dud.

One funny line is the ironic statement the police chief makes about reviving '80s idea because of lack of imagination. blah blah blah. Very self-deprecating! Ice Cube is fucking FAT (not phat) in this movie! Wowers.

This movie supports my theory that fat Jonah Hill ("The Sitter") is funnier than skinny Jonah Hill ("Moneyballzzzzzz").

Couldn't Jonah Hill afford to hire himself for one more rewrite? Because the numerous fat jokes do not really work if you're, like, um....not fat?

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