Monday, January 28, 2013

YUCK #7 in MARCH Features Three Previously Unpublished Stories

This March, I'll have three comic stories in YUCK! #7 as it hits the stands in Australia. Here's a glimpse of the cool cover art by Ben Constantine. 

Edited with heart and humor by Down Under publisher James Andre, the YUCK! anthology has been making people wince for several years now. YUCK! #7 will be a real doozy! - more than 200 pages worth of sequential-paneled atrocities! Includes work by my talented buddy Scarlette Baccini ("Zombolette").
In fact, a couple years ago, I had fun whipping up the cover for YUCK #5 

I love taking part in comic book anthologies, and for some reason, I've contributed to several publications in Australia and New Zealand, where some cool cats are doing fun stuff. 

For more info on their eclectic line of alternative comics, and on how to order YUCK! #7, keep your peeps trained on the MILK SHADOW BOOKS website!


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