Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hangin' with the Dice Man -- Joshua Dysart, scribe behind HARBINGER at Valiant!

Had a fun time hanging out with longtime acquaintance --comic book writer Joshua Dysart, at his Venice, Califonia digs-- always a fun conversation with this guy!

I just started reading his recent re-imagining of HARBINGER (from the recently re-launched VALIANT COMICS) yesterday and it is OUT OF CONTROL!

HARBINGER #10 drops Wednesday and Josh in the middle of working through an epic HARBINGER WARS intracompany crossover that just kicked off.

I'm totally digging HARBINGER, look for it at your local comics shop. Don't wait for the inevitable trade the monthly and make it a hit!

It's not the typical umpteenth reiteration of shopworn superhero cliches that we're used to by now from the Big 2...Like a Mark Millar, Josh is on his own trip.

HARBINGER!! Highly recommended!

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