Tuesday, April 2, 2013

COMIC BOOK CREATOR makes soft debut at WONDER CON 2013

So TwoMorrows.com had a booth at WONDERCON ANAHEIM 2013 over the weekend and their hot new mag, COMIC BOOK CREATOR #1, rolled out ahead of its April 24 debut. How do ya like them apples?

Here I am back in late March in West L.A.'s Sawtelle district -- an excited and very proud Associate Editor receiving my advanced first copy from my buddy, the great comics journalist CBC Editor-in-Chief Jon B. Cooke.

I have a piece on FRANK ROBBINS' final years in Mexico. There's also interviews with NEAL ADAMS, ALEX ROSS and KURT BUSIEK. Lots of other fun, too. Like the Carpenters sang, "We've Only Just Begun..."

Please support the magazine - buy it in shops when it comes out or order now at a deep discount via this link!

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