Friday, March 7, 2014

New Comic Alert: GO, GENIUS, GO #1 and #2 debuts AUGUST 9 at STOCKTON-CON

GO, GENIUS, GO!, the new three-part comic book series I created and wrote, is debuting at STOCKTON-CON on AUGUST 9, where I'll be a special guest with my esteemed GGG! artist/collaborator, the talented Marcus Collar of Napa Valley, Calif. 
GO, GENIUS, GO! is a raunchy workplace comedy set at an Internet start-up located in the perfectly gorgeous and sterile Orange County community of Irvine, Calif. 

We'll be debuting GO, GENIUS, GO! issues #1 and 2 at Stockton-Con.

Here's more info on Stockton-Con - it's a terrific show and the convention has been doubling in size from year to year. Last August was my first time attending Stockton-Con and I had a blast. Great energy! Great turn-out! The late, great Morrie Turner of "Wee Pals" fame was a gent, tabling right behind us. And I even reconnected with an employer on one of my former writing gigs, THE EXORCIST star Linda Blair (which made MY head spin!) Highly recommended!

Stay tuned to and the Cartoon Flophouse humor comics Facebook page for more updates.

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