Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is it 5771 already? Happy Jewish New Year!

Every culture has a calendar. Well, tonight, it's our turn to turn another page and start a new year. 

No, the above is not an image of settlers along the West Bank! New Years are always bittersweet occasions, and coincidentally and very recently (on my sister's birthday, as it turned out), David Dortort, best known as the creator of one of my dad's favorite TV shows, "Bonanza," passed away on September 5th. 

It's easy to forget these days that "Bonanza" was a blockbuster show in its day, when the show ran for 14 years.

Dortort was Jewish in the best sense of the word. He was a creative guy and a mensch, donating millions to education. Here's an article I did in 2002, when I had the pleasure of interviewing David at his Bel-Air home.

By the way, my dad also loved "Hawaii Five-O," which ran for 12 years and which I really dug, too. I don't think this new remake of the show on CBS is going to go over well with either of us, and in my household it'll probably last for 12 minutes before I turn it away. "Five-O" without Jack Lord is like "Dragnet" without Jack Webb....and those of you who saw that Tom Hanks movie know what I'm talking about!!

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