Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The first issue of COMIC BOOK CREATOR magazine (APRIL 2013 from will feature a look at Jack Kirby's creations and an interview with Fran Rowe Robbins, widow of the late, great comic book artist Frank Robbins, of "The Invaders," "Legion of Monsters" & "Human Fly" fame.
I'm extremely, extremely proud and honored to be named associate editor on the new, upcoming publication COMIC BOOK CREATOR, especially considering its editor-in-chief, Jon B. Cooke, is arguably the greatest comics journalist
 out there; the driving force of the late, great COMIC BOOK ARTIST magazine.

Here's a peek at the cover for COMIC BOOK CREATOR #1 (April), a dynamic Kirby tribute by "Kingdom Come" artist Alex Ross!

Jon wrote the stories on Jack "King" Kirby and Kurt Busiek. My contribution to #1 is a look at Frank Robbins' final years in Mexico, featuring interviews with his widow, Fran Robbins, and his buddy, Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg.

Jon and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for the issues ahead so be sure to like our Comic Book Creator Facebook page and stay tuned at


Al said...

It's great news that a new magazine devoted to comics is being created. The last years have seen the number of such magazines dwindling, hope this turns out to be a great success.

Larry L. Stout said...

As a 60 year fan of Johnny Hazard, I have to have this issue to read about Frank Robbin's final days.