Tuesday, April 1, 2014

COVER UNVEILING: Here's GO, GENIUS, GO! #1 (of 3), drops Aug. 9

Artist MARCUS COLLAR and I are working steadily on our three-issue comic book series GO, GENIUS, GO!, a workplace comedy set in techie corridor of  the artificially beautiful and sterile paradise that is Irvine, California.

Our series has everything you want (and don't want!) in an online company odyssey: raunchy jokes, office sex, and tech world-pretentious characters. Plus: feisty senior citizen retirees, of course! It's all explained in the books.

I wrote the series and Marcus is illustrating the books. Meanwhile, I'm creating the painted front and back covers for each issue.

Here's my front cover for GO, GENIUS, GO! #1, which will premier August 9 at Stocktoncon, where I will be a special guest. Issues #2 and 3 to follow at conventions and in comic book shops in fall 2014.

For updates, stay tuned at the Cartoon Flophouse Humor Comics Facebook page and via CartoonFlophouse.com

That's all for now. Signing off! BLEEORP!

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