Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Take RUSS HEATH's word for it....COMIC BOOK CREATOR #4 is out NOW!

COMIC BOOK CREATOR #4 IS OUT!! As Associate Editor of COMIC BOOK CREATOR, I've contributed part I of II of my interview with DENYS COWAN, the first flesh-and-blood cartoonist I ever met in person (at the Ambassador Hotel's monthly comics convention when I was a teen). I also have my profile of MORT TODD & STEVE DITKO back when Todd was editor of Marvel's Ditko monster mag reprints and rock 'n' roll comics in the early 1990s.

Meanwhile, EDITOR JON B. COOKE did the cover story on the legendary RUSS HEATH, who got his copy today at Robin Hood Pub in Sherman Oaks courtesy of STEVE KRIOZERE.

Don't STEAL your copy like Roy Lichtenstein stole Heath's images...GO BUY YOURSELF A COPY! You'll dig it, maaan!

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