Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PELICAN BASTARDS webcomic drops on SOLRAD.CO simultaneously with arrival of PELICAN BASTARDS issue #1 - Available now signed and doodled!


August 31 proved to be a big day for those pesky PELICAN BASTARDS. 

Michael Aushenker's first-ever webcomic launched at SOLRAD.CO, where it will appear here ON MONDAYS as part of the independent comics criticism site's confederation of curated comics:

Meanwhile, on the same day, Michael Aushenker's newest comic book, PELICAN BASTARDS #1, arrived. This first issue contains a handful of the initial strips that will run at SOLRAD.CO with sequel books to come in the future once more strips have run online.

PELICAN BASTARDS is about a quartet of madcap seabirds — Ivan, Glenn, Jamie, and Claude — who realize that they can exploit their bird powers and get away with all stripes of mischief, mayhem...maybe even murder?

So if you want a taste of what's to come with PELICAN BASTARDS, order today for your signed & doodled copy with insane pinups and oddball seabird art!

To order PELICAN BASTARDS #1 signed and doodled, PAYPAL $8 ($5 plus $3 shipping) to: 


Michael Aushenker

P.O. Box 3143

Ventura, CA 93006

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