Wednesday, September 2, 2020

TROLLS # 3 HAS CRASH-LANDED - TROLLS 3: 1 TRIP 2 MANY - Available signed and doodled now!

 It's 2020, everyone, and new Michael Aushenker humor comics have arrived.

TROLLS 3: 1 TRIP 2 MANY is the third and possibly final issue of the TROLLS (lingo for "air traffic controllers") series. Set on Mars, the storyline finds our tower trolls Edward and Wayward now working at Spaced X for Elong Tusk followinng their international incident in TROLLS #2: OPERATION GREAT WALL.

The original TROLLS came out in 2015. TROLLS: OPERATION GREAT WALL arrived in 2018.

TROLLS: 1 TRIP 2 MANY also features some amazing guest shots, including stellar, cosmic pinups by MIKE BOHEEM of DOPECAT webcomics; DEAN LECRONE of Doc and Darleen comics; and JEAUX JANOVSKY, an animation veteran. Back cover art has been created by Tokyo-based fine artist KYOKO MITANI (

To order TROLLS 3: 1 TRIP 2 MANY signed and doodled, PAYPAL $7 ($4 plus $3 shipping) to: 


Michael Aushenker

P.O. Box 3143

Ventura, CA 93006

ALSO: You can order TROLLS: OPERATION GREAT WALL signed and doodled for $7 ($4 plus $3 shipping) per copy at the same contact above.

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