Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harry I. Conic, Jr.

Recently, the word "iconic" has become the most maligned word in showbiz. If you believe Entertainment Tonight, Anna Nicole Smith, Marie Osmond and Barry Manilow are iconic.

Likewise, this blog is posting the 75 most iconic D.C. Comics covers of all time (why 75? why not the full 100? Lazies!) and asking readers to vote. It's actually a very fun gallery of D.C. covers, but I'd say about half or a third of these covers are not exactly "iconic." Even though it's a pretty good one, I wouldn't call the ticklish Superman cover iconic.....

Or this cheesy, maudlin baby that I had never noticed before...Poo! If trash bin filler is iconic, than this one is truly iconic:

The original Green Lantern, who can fly, choosing to travel by girder instead, does not exactly appear iconic to me. It doesn't fit my definition of iconic, anyway, and it's poorly drawn but not in a good way. His face looks weird, and it looks as if this confrontation is giving him a hard-on.

I've never seen the above GL cover before, to my knowledge. It's not the image I think of when I think of Green Lantern (sorry, but I always think of the Hal Jordan GL instead, I think he's more iconic than this GL, who always seemed to dress in the dark). Was the original GL known to travel by walking across girders? Hardly!

Oddly enough, this truly iconic cover, known to just about any comic book reader, was not included in the batch...

....But it gets my vote.

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