Saturday, July 16, 2011

SDCC'11> Booth # O-08 -Look for the CARTOON FLOPHOUSE.COM banner

Okay, now I'm officially prepared for Comic-Con 2011. That's my friend, the glorious Adonna of AGIMAT Comics and Video Games, posing with my spiffy new, freshly pressed

Agimat and Cartoon Flophouse comics will share booth # O-08 in the Small Press section. That's OO8 - Think James Bond, licensed to 1! (Yes, we're actually one-upping James Bond!!)

And here's the FLIP RIDERS banner, along with the banner for my CRYING MACHO MAN and part-time Cartoon Flophouse partner Jose Cabrera, who you should also track down in Small Press. He's got two new TPBs, including the full-color MACHO AND THE GANG.

Come down to the CARTOON FLOPHOUSE/AGIMAT booth #O-08 and hang out. Play the new FLIP RIDERS video game, check out the brand new THOSE UNSTOPPABLE ROGUES trade paperback, get all kinds of free comics, t-shirts, candy.

See you in Sandy Eggo, my shizzo! Gumby: Hi-five!

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