Tuesday, April 21, 2009


DITKOMANIA # 72 is out. It’s sporting a nifty cover by artist MORT TODD, who has actually inked STEVE DITKO’s work in the 1980s. Behold the cover he did for # 72 with all of its beautiful intrigue.

I’ve got a column in DITKOMANIA that I call “Ditkotomy.” In this edition, I address the whole supposed Ditko vs. Alan Moore smackdown. Below is the great image DITKOMANIA artist Winston Blakely cooked up for the column. He has a lot of fun with the illustration assignments and captured that frontal Ditko action pose, as you can see....

For more information on DITKOMANIA, order here from editor ROB IMES:


And here's a bonus Mort Todd image for you: Todd, once again, inking Ditko. As you can see, the combination is "incredible." Todd is a master of the Hulk arts. He graduated from Hulk Arts Academy Gamma Cum Laude. Thanks to the artist for providing the image below, which totally evokes warm memories of those gloriously lousy '70s Marvel "animated" cartoons ("Ever-lovin' Hulk! Hulk! Hulk!")

Be sure to visit his cyber homes: www.comicfix.com, www.goSadistik.com and myspace.com/morttodd

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