Monday, April 13, 2009

SHOUT-OUT! Happy 50th Birthday, Herr Seele!

Just the other day, I was posting about one of my all-time favorite humor comics, COWBOY HENK (alternately called COWBOY JEAN in France, where I read some of the best strips in French), a gag strip by Belgian cartoonists/entertainers Kamagurka and Herr Seele which, at times, can be uproariously funny.

Well, today I learned from The Comics Reporter that the artist of the pair, Herr Seele, turns 50 today. I’ve never met the duo, but I’ve loved their work from afar. Even though it was supposedly influenced by another avant-garde comic, our (America’s) ZIPPY THE PINHEAD, I love the COWBOY HENK strip much, much more, and it was a big influence on me to create an absurdist feature of my own called Greenblatt the Great!, about a slapshot bellhop, which appears in my CARTOON FLOPHOUSE comic magazines.

I found the photo of Herr Seele online and I love how this guy even looks like a flesh-and-blood cartoon character! You know this guy's a catoonist even if you never met him!

Anyway, wherever you are, Herr Seele (Europe?), happy birthday! And please send us more English-language printings of COWBOY HENK if you can!

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