Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First off, a sad note over the weekend regarding the death of Wilco ex-singer/songwriter Jay Bennett. Whatever the differences between Bennett and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy (as uncomfortably caught on the great making-of-YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT documentary I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART), their collaboration produced some fine albums, including YHF, the best Wilco album ever in my opinion) and the energetic BEING THERE, which is also loaded with a few Wilco classics. Not to mention SUMMERTEETH, which is considered a favorite of many fans (although not by me, but it's still an OK album in my book). Anyway, sad note, particularly in light of the news from last week that Bennett was suing Tweedy over royalties (hope Bennett's death wasn't suicide).

Speaking of sad news, I hope this summer's new BEASTIE BOYS album isn't as uninspired as its horrible title: HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE. It's definitely a step up from the working title, which was something like TAD'S GLASSES. But it's still weak. Their last official album, TO THE FIVE BOROUGHS, was a grand return to rap after spending the '90s mixing it up genre-wise a little too much for my taste. It was definitely hit (SABOTAGE) and miss (lots of lounge music filler and forgettable punk tunes). Anyway, they'll probably never top LICENSED TO ILL and PAUL'S BOUTIQUE no matter what, so if the new one is as good as TO THE FIVE BOROUGHS, I'll be satisfied. To be cont'd.....

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