Monday, November 30, 2009

Attention, Flophousers! New comics on the way.........

Just a quick note to announce that big plans are in development here at CARTOON FLOPHOUSE headquarters in California for 2010.

Partners have signed on. Angel investors have invested. Web sites will be overhauled. Merchandise will be created. Output will be doubled, then doubled again. Then reversed and then quadrupled! (We dare you to double-check our math!)

Best of all, the Home of Humorous Humor Comics will continue to create quality comics with memorable characters and crazy antics that will make you blow your breakfast-cereal milk out your nose and spit take on your spouse and kids!

The road to 2010 all begins here before the end of check the CARTOON FLOPHOUSE blog daily for breaking news on 2010's slate of funnybooks for 2010!*

* (hey, that's super-redundant....We know! Anything to get our point across!)

1 comment:

Javier Hernandez said...

Great news! Not enough humor comics in the marketplace, in my opinion, so it'll be good to see CARTOON FLOPHOUSE filling the void! Keep the laughs a'coming!