Sunday, March 14, 2010

Greenblatt the Great! strip in spankin' new SMOKE SIGNAL #4


DESERT ISLAND, straight outta Brooklyn, NY (my hometown from long ago) has just put out their action-packed 4th issue of SMOKE SIGNAL, a monthly all-comics newspaper. It's a hogwild anthology of a who's who of hooligans from the alt-comics scene, including yours truly, courtesy of a bananas Greenblatt the Great! episode that appears inside.

If you love humor comics and/or newspapers and you believe in the future of both, be sure to pony up your $3 and give this newspaper a whirl. Tell 'em Greenblatt the Great sentcha!

WHOA! Did I just halt all production? RESUME PRESSES, PLEASE!

AAAAAH! That's much better....


Jim Lujan said...

This book is inspired and INSPIRING! I cant wait to pick it up! I love the looseness of it. Great job, Mike!

Jim Lujan said...

Rephrase: This NEWSPAPER......(not book). What a cool idea. Glad to see youre in it!