Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blueballed by COWBOY HENK!

A company called HUDDA HUDDA is putting out a fat-ass collection of my favorite comic strip, COWBOY HENK, by Kamagurka & Seele. The downside: it's in Finnish. Mwa mwaaaaaa....

The other downside is that the samples posted at the publisher's website include a few weak strips that I've seen translated before. I've posted some of the other samples here. Even in Finnish, they're still kind of funny.

Man, there is yet to be a great English-language HENK collection. The strips in that 1994 collection by Fantagraphics were pretty weak. The best strips I've ever read were in French. COWBOY HENK, you've gone Sofia Coppola on us! You are lost in translation!

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Anonymous said...


I live in Finland and i just found CB Henk. A masterpiece!