Monday, October 11, 2010

GHOULA COMIX#1: Just in time for Halloween, Dia de la Muertos, Ditko's birthday!

Rich Carradine, co-leader of the group GHOULA (GHOST HUNTERS OF URBAN L.A.), has published the very first GHOULA COMIX in time for the creepy holidays and San Francisco's APE convention, where he'll be selling them this weekend. Here is the Amazon listing for it!

The theme of this 64-page anthology is spirits and Los Angeles, and each cartoonist has undertaken a different interpretation of that theme. My piece is called "The Languager" and features Greenblatt the Great! (sort of) in a seven-page piece. 

Other contributors include my CARTOON FLOPHOUSE pisan Jose Cabrera, EL MUERTO AZTEC ZOMBIE creator Javier Hernandez, Rafael "SONAMBULO" Navarro, and cartoonist Lisa Strouss, formerly of GIANT ROBOT and co-founder of GHOULA.

Start your investigation of the paranormal with GHOULA COMIX#1 and, if you live in the L.A. area, set your K-2 EMF meters to the club itself!

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