Sunday, May 10, 2009

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: The King Makes a Pilgrimage To Macca....

I saw this online last week, someone posted a rare photo of Jack "King" Kirby presenting Paul McCartney (who wrote a song based on Kirby's characters called "Magneto vs. Titanium Man") with a drawing, backstage at an LA Forum Wings show. The sight of these two geniuses of their fields crossing paths is a novelty. And somewhere in here is the germ of an idea for a CRYING MACHO MAN comic strip!

(McCartney, by the way, is the guy on the left).


Rob Imes said...

It's a great photo, but it's a bit sad, too, because one gets the feeling that McCartney didn't really recognize the importance of Kirby, and Kirby probably didn't "get" McCartney (other than knowing he was a famous Beatle). Both men have had a huge impact on me, though.

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Yeah, it does have that melancholy about it----of two mighty steamships passing each other in the night. Good observation.

Of course, the mitigating factor is the late-1970s threads!