Tuesday, January 19, 2010


And speaking of special birthdays, today is a really major one for RICHARD CARRADINE, my best buddy and frequent collaborator on all kinds of writing and art-related mischief, not to mention the famed annual "Double Man Dinner" (to be explained another day or never!)

Rich, by the way, is the president of GHOULA (Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles), a group he co-founded with Lisa "Mouse" Strouss, a fellow cartoonist. They choose a (reportedly) haunted destination in the L.A. area to meet at on the 13th of every month, and Rich is currently preparing a book and a comic book that ties into the mission of his club. The book will most likely enjoy a reception at GHOULA's March meeting. For more information on GHOULA, visit http://ghoula.blogspot.com/

Rich is a talented writer and one of the funniest and most perceptive men on the planet and I'm lucky to have a friend as true and terrific as he is all these years, going back to our first day at Fairfax High when we were around 15 or 16 and realized that we shared all six classes.

He's always a loyal friend and a fun person to talk to. And he's found a wonderful partner in his wife, Angela, who I've known since high school as well.

Why, just last night, we met at the cafe and he gave me the Chutzpah I needed to get me through the week.

Rich, here's to a terrific 2010 and a lot more good times to come.....


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