Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year from Mr. and Mrs. Jose Cabrera

Over the holidays, I received this terrific holiday greeting from my buddy, CRYING MACHO MAN cartoonist JOSE CABRERA and his wife, NAOMI, who are returning to Los Angeles after a trip to Mexico.

Jose is the funniest cartoonist out there working today (and he IS out there! ha-ha!). He and I will soon make a major announcement (but Naomi has nothing to worry about, we're not eloping). It will be an announcement that will, quite frankly, affect the future of funny books for years, weeks, days, maybe even minutes to come. Stay tuned to this blog. More to come.....

But in the meantime, Happy New Year, Jose and Naomi! All the best in 2010! More fun and good times to come! Thanks for the photo, it sure beats looking at the Baby New Year's diapered ass! And welcome back home!

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