Saturday, October 9, 2010

My latest articles in BACK ISSUE #44 (Spectacular Spider-Man) and KIRBY COLLECTOR #55 (Kirby in movies and TV)

Here's the scoop on my latest articles for TWOMORROWS! Out now is BACK ISSUE #44, the all-Spider-Man issue. The article I wrote for this one is truly SPECTACULAR, and before you check my ego at the door, I'm not tooting my own horn here, I wrote about PETER PARKER, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN! 

Anyone who grew up digging SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN should find plenty to chew on in this article, in which I gathered myriad talent from the book with fresh quotes, including Gerry Conway, Tom DeFalco, Danny Fingeroth, Roger Stern, the artist best associated with the book, Sal Buscema, and, from WEB OF SPIDER-MAN, Steve Butler. If you're a fan of the book, this article is a real party!
Thanks to my BACK ISSUE buddy Jerry Boyd, I've landed work in my second JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR in a row. Here's a FREE PREVIEW! This time, the theme Jerry has come up with is Kirby in other media, primarily movies, TV and cartoons. Jerry, his brother, Dwight Boyd, and myself divide up the Kirby legacy in said media, and we basically review them, highlighting the best and trying to steer people clear of the worst. I personally tackled the two HULK movies, both FANTASTIC FOUR movies, and those old Republic CAPTAIN AMERICA serials, among others. I also tackled my favorite of all Batman cartoons, this one below:

Why BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD? Well, even as evinced by this publicity art, the creators of this cartoon are Kirby crazy. Note on the left-hand side key DC Kirby characters Kamandi, Last Boy on Earth, and The Demon (my personal favorite of Kirby's '70s DC work). They've brought both characters into the BOLD fold more than once, and also tackled OMAC for a full episode. Throw in my friend Tony DeZuniga's character, Jonah Hex, Ditko characters such as Blue Beetle and The Question, random characters like Dr. Fate, B'Wanna Beast, Deadman, Red Tornado, and the Outsiders, and my favorites portrayal of Aquaman anywhere (as a pompous blowhard idiot not unlike Ash from ARMY OF DARKNESS), and you've got yourself a real party. Why, just last night, the entire episode guest-starred the Doom Patrol (after showcasing Batgirl in the teaser). I love the light tone of the show and the Dick Sprang-style clean, graphically dynamic visuals. I can't recommend this cartoon show enough, and I've missed a few episodes, so perhaps they ran it, but I'm looking forward to seeing my two favorite DC characters these days: The Phantom Stranger and the Unknown Soldier. I'll bet they'll do it, too!

But I digress! Visit TWOMORROWS.COM for the deets on BI#44 and TJKC#55 (Thanks, Jerry!)


Javier Hernandez said...

Bronze Age Spidey has really influenced me as a cartoonist/creator tremendously. Gerry Conway's writing on Spider-Man is a big reason. Really looking forward to getting this issue.

And the Kirby in the Media themes sound like enticing reads. I'll be getting that one for sure.

BRAVE & THE BOLD? I've only caught some clips here and there, but hot dang does it look good. I understand they even had Omac in one episode?!! WOW!

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Thanks, Jav!

Yeah, Conway was key when it came to Spider-Man. The Ditko/Romita years will always be the best in my mind, perhaps Ross Andru, too. That was Spidey's prime time...

The OMAC episode was terrific, complete with Brother Eye. When you see it animated, you really see the similarity with Buddy Blank/OMAC to Billy Batson/Shazam! OMAC is basically Capt. Marvel with a mohawk, set in the future. But it's still a fun concept.

Yeah, I love what they're doing with BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD, which is perhaps the best representation of the DC Universe I've ever seen in another medium, the first two Superman movies and the Nolan Batman movies aside. They're having fun...and, yes, it's obvious that they love Kirby. I'm sure they'll pay tribute to Ditko with the Creeper, Shade and Hawk & Dove if the show lasts long enough.