Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wally Wood Battle Covers!

I've really come to appreciate Wally Wood's dynamic work, particularly on "Daredevil" and "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents." No artist can rock a battle cover like Wood. This "Daredevil" #7 underwater smackdown is out of control. Lately, I've been on assignment, writing about aquatic superhero characters....so I'm especially sweet on this one at the moment.
However, my favorites remain those classic combat covers with Dynamo. This was the first issue of "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" I ever read and it's still my favorite. "Alice!....Alice!" Ha ha! Good ol' Len Brown! This surely is the greatest fight of all time: better than "Rumble in the Junlge!"
What perfection, these crazy covers. We should all be this talented, there wouldn't be any strife in the world.
"No man" can draw compositions such as this one like Wally Wood. Can you dig it?

Wally Wood....you were okay, man! You were one cool dude. Rock ON!

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