Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Matt Lorentz's AFTER CON art show (SD COMIC-CON)

Photos by John Warner

Simultaneously, as San Diego Comic-Con 2010 was turing out to be one of the best I ever attended, I had some artwork (two acrylics and one round oil canvas) in a show curated by ex-San Diego local MATT LORENTZ (he of the Tony Hawk and Quicksilver skatewear designs).

Matt got a great bunch of artists - probably about 50 of us - to contribute to the first annual AFTER CON, a charity event in memory of Comic-Con founder Shel Dorf held in a nondescript white building just north of the corner of 10th and Market in downtown San Diego.

I could have gone to this art show every night, as they had receptions from Thurs. through Sat. during Comic-con, but unfortunately with all of the stuff going on, I only made it on Thursday night, but that proved fortuitous, as I ran into my pal Pinguino there. It was a full house.

It was a fun night. My buddy and Comic-Con host Alex Vallejo stopped by at the end of his night partying and we chilled out at the art show, goofing around.
See that Bat-Mite in the upper right? That's a contribution by my buddy, EL MUERTO AZTEC ZOMBIE cartoonist JAVIER HERNANDEZ.
Here's another shot of that Bat-Mite, with my EL GATO'S MUDDA peeping out of the side column (li'l b/w painting of the old bag with the glasses). The Bat-Mite painting sold, by the way.
Not only were paintings featured, so were these cool scupltures. Anyone speak Na'vi?
Cute little devil, ain't he?
That's a head-on shot of my EL GATO'S MUDDA painting above. Anyone who's read my EL GATO CRIME MANGLER comics knows that she smokes and cusses, folks!

A tribute to late Comic-Con founder Shel Dorf and Stan Lee above...

My two other paintings in the show are the second ("Tiki Holiday," which sold) and the fourth ("The Double Man- The Animated Series").

Thanks, Matt, for putting together such a fun show. It was a lot of fun and Matt did a great job. Count me in for the second annual AFTER CON!

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deanlecrone said...

The cute little colorful character sculpture to the right of the devil is mine! His name is Marvin and he had a wonderful time at AfterCon. Dean.