Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Red-Yellow-Blue: What a Combo! AND...Jim Wheelock is trying to finance INFERNO!

Aw...ain't Darkseid grand? Somebody turn that sentiment in a Hallmark card!

Here's a fun blog posting pointing out how primary colors work on all kinds of cartoon characters, from Superman to Hanna-Barbara's Huckleberry Hound. 

This is also an excuse for me to post one of my favorite Kirby covers of all time: AVENGERS #4! (The AVENGERS movie should aspire to be as good as this cover....but if the THOR trailer is any indication, I fear it won't reach such sublime heights!) 

Avengers Assemble!

Meanwhile, in Central City.....

My CAPS and GHOULA buddy JIM WHEELOCK is trying to raise financing through Kickstarter for his comic book, INFERNO, and he's running out of time. Check out the info right here. The deadline is month's end!

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