Thursday, September 3, 2009

ROM: SPACEKNIGHT to join The Rolling Stones....

Call it a freaky coincidence: ROM: SPACEKNIGHT, who I just blogged about, will be taking over Charlie Watts' seat at the drum kit for the Rolling Stones, which I wrote about yesterday.

I can only imagine the new versions of those old songs now that ROM is aboard. In fact, here's a sneak peek of the set list: I CAN'T GET NO (GALADORIAN), GET OFF OF MY COSMIC CLOUD, NINETEENTH NERVOUS BREAKER, SYMPATHY FOR THE STARSHINE, ME AND PLOR THE PULSAR HANGING OUT BY THE SCHOOLYARD.


Javier Hernandez said...

Michael, who'd a thought anyone would ever make a Rom/Stone connection!

Funny thing is, I bet half of the Stones also have respirators like our buddy from Galador!

MRAM said...

...and the all time classic, "JUMPIN' JACK WRAITH"...always a party fave! Great post,Mike!