Saturday, August 21, 2010

Check out the BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

It's been a long train coming, but here it is! We've overhauled the CARTOON FLOPHOUSE website at and it's LOO-KEENG GOOOOOOUD!

CARTOONFLOPHOUSE.COM is your premiere destination to get the funniest humor comics alive, written and drawn by Jose Cabrera and Michael Aushenker.

This is the only place to find the hilarious adventures of El Macho, the Crying Macho Man, the ridiculous Balding Berto, and Goya the chicken. This is the only place to follow the exploits of bellhop of the absurd Greenblatt the Great! or catch up with those happy-go-lucky Unstoppable Rogues as the rooster-and-tortoise duo piss off their bosses, crash parties and upset street riff-raff. You'll find that clueless billionaire buster Silly Goose, Cocktails for One (gag cartoons about high-society losers), and the obnoxious Harry Lummel, the world's worst lover!

Check out the official home of CARTOON FLOPHOUSE comics, with links to our blogs and to ordering our zany comics! And let us know what you think of the site, Bat-Mite!