Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in LA....>BACK ISSUE # 35 is out! My conversation with MIKE VOSBURG

Today I returned from my week-long stay in charming San Diego, where Comic-Con 40 was on! As always, it was all-at-once exhilarating, entertaining, enervating, and exhausting, overall exciting, and yes, everybody now: OVERWHELMING! Most of all, it was a nice excuse to catch up with a lot of friends and a couple of fans. I was pleased that out of all my work, including the EL GATO, CRIME MANGLER series, this year's best sellers were my CARTOON FLOPHOUSE # 1 FEATURING GREENBLATT THE GREAT! and the all-ages SILLY GOOSE. Good to see the current books finding some readers. A big thank you to everyone -friend and fan alike -including my buddies and fellow members at the SCCS-that I had a chance to share that week with...the new friends as well, will look forward to meeting up with you all again. My only quibble: never made it over to Old Town for dinner... probably a first for me in many years. But I'm sure it hasn't changed one iota (usually served corn or flour with guac or salsa).

While at San Diego, I noticed that BACK ISSUE # 35 is indeed out. If you follow my work in's magazine devoted to the '70s and '80s comics, this issue finds me in a Q/A conversation with the mighty MIKE VOSBURG, the Emmy Award-winning artist of such heroine books as SHE-HULK, ISIS, STARFIRE, MS. MARVEL and more, at his SoCal home. The Voz comes from that generation of Detroit artists which includes JIM STARLIN and AL MILGROM. Anyway, find it at your local shop or at This issue's theme: Villains!

And now, let's dance! Everybody to The Voz!

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