Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BACK ISSUE! magazine # 36, 37, 38 -- MONSTERS, WWII and FAMILY issues

Blurbs for the upcoming slate of BACK ISSUE! magazine are up, in which I have multiple contributions. Here's what I've got going on in these fun issues.

Time for some horn-tooting......

Right now, BACK ISSUE! is about to release BI #35 (the Villains issue, my riveting talk with artist Mike Vosburg).

Then the big babies drop.

BACK ISSUE! #36 will be the MONSTERS issue. Check out the terrific Earl Norem cover of Werewolf By Night battling Morbius (shades of Giant-Size Werewolf By Night). In that issue, I've got a good size piece about STRANGE TALES THE GOLEM (and a healthy exploration of the Jewish Golem myth and other Marvel/DC Golem characters). I've also got an article about PHANTOM STRANGER foil DR. THIRTEEN (and his lovely wife, MARIE THIRTEEN). Then there's DINNER WITH TONY & TINA DeZUNIGA (which was delicious....).

BACK ISSUE # 37, the WORLD WAR II issue, features my UNKNOWN SOLDIER article, in which I go in search of artist GERRY TALAOC. The short-lived but great COMBAT KELLY AND THE DEADLY DOZEN is also in my crosshairs for this one. And I dug up some dirt on HOW TO DRAW THE MARVEL WAY after conversing with legendary Marvel artist JOHN ROMITA.

BACK ISSUE # 38 is the family-themed issue, to which I called out THE BROTHERS GRIMM, annoying antagonists from the SPIDER-WOMAN series.

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