Saturday, July 31, 2010

COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE loves HARRY LUMMEL; my latest BACK ISSUE magazine article: the original GHOST RIDER!

Periodically, I write about and for periodicals or I am written about in periodicals. This is such an occasion.

First up, to my delight, COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE---a venerable monthly magazine dedicated to covering the comic book scene, current and retro (which I enjoy as a reader and I highly recommend!)---has published a glowing three-out-of-four stars review for one of my 2010 Cartoon Flophouse comic-book releases, FLOOP! FEATURING HARRY LUMMEL. The review appears in the just-released current issue (September; #1669). In general, HARRY LUMMEL has been receiving rave reviews so it was nice to find CBG handing out this particular issue by the box loads at San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to writer Ray Sidman and CBG magazine for reviewing my book.

You can order FLOOP! directly from me: send a check for $5 plus $2 shipping to: Michael Aushenker, PO Box 25, Santa Monica, CA 90406.

Also out as of Comic-Con, the latest BACK ISSUE magazine #42, the Wild West issue. 

This one is a particularly strong edition, kicking off with a terrific interview with Michael Fleisher, long-time Jonah Hex scribe. My contribution to this issue is an article on the original Western hero Ghost Rider and it includes quotes by creator Dick Ayers and co-creator of the motorcycle Ghost Rider, writer Roy Thomas. Check it out. The new nearly-monthly BACK ISSUE now includes beautiful color galleries, the mag is looking sharper than ever.

Fun stuff! Who says publishing is dead (other than the publishing industry...)? Hit your local comic book shop today!

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