Friday, July 30, 2010

Gumby/Pillsbury Doughboy Encounter was in the Stars!

It's only appropriately cosmic that Gumby should meet the Pillsbury Doughboy, as he did at San Diego Comic-Con this year thanks to Doughboy's one-man entourage, Ken Thomas. 

Why, you crazy bastard, you may ask? 

Because lest I remind you that the Doughboy was designed/created by the late Martin Nodell (who used to be a Comic-Con regular). Nodell also created the original Green Lantern and Lantern's color is green like Gumby. Green Lantern was the hot character at this year's Comic-Con thanks to the impending motion picture. 

So there, the meeting was cosmic and inevitable. 

Also, little known fact, if you poke Gumby in the pupik, he giggles, too! Heeheeeheeeheeeheeee!

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