Thursday, July 29, 2010

Before and After: the Abismo/Nerve Bomb booth!

One of Comic-Con's biggest annual sideshows is what will cartoonists Rhode Montijo and James Baker at Abismo/Nerve Bomb come up with this year? 

They started out slow a few years back circa 2006, donning powder blue jump suits to promote Rhode's children's book, CLOUD BOY.  Then they went a little cuckoo in 2007 (above) with the Used Salesmen theme above. You even could win a toaster with your purchase, they promised sleazily.

We thought they had topped themselves last year with the Giant Robot motif, which was out of control.
This year, they seemed to have thrown us a twist on the Used Car salesman theme by presenting them as retired or something with this whole yard sale shtick.

Rhode's got a terrific new children's book, THE HALLOWEEN KID, coming out next month (and ALREADY on its second printing), check it out!

Jamie's got a new color book: Sephilina the Nauti Girl, out now.


James Baker said...

Holy Smokes! last year we made the LA Times website but now we have really hit the BIG time with a write-up in CARTOON FLOPHOUSE!

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Check Alexa. The Cartoon Flophouse blog's traffic is outshining 2 to 1!

(Oops, wait, I was reading that chart upside down!)