Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BOO Marvel's Unincredible Kevin Feige!

If this report is correct, it seems that the Marvel exec took a superfluous pot shot at Ed Norton after Norton negotiated in good faith to reprise his role of Bruce Banner for the AVENGERS movie.

I'm disappointed that they let Norton, who was superb in THE INCREDIBLE HULK, slip through their fingers. But I'm more disappointed that Marvel did not pursue a sequel to THE INCREDIBLE HULK (which promised The Leader in a sequel). I rather see INCREDIBLE HULK 2 than AVENGERS, to be honest. If IRON MAN 2 is any indication (the toothless Sam Jackson Nick Fury, the so-so casting of Black Widow), I can't say I'm super-excited about the AVENGERS movie. I'm hopeful they'll make a decent THOR movie and get CAPTAIN AMERICA right....

....Right now, I'm more interested in the GREEN LANTERN movie and BATMAN sequel right now......and I grew up reading Marvel!

The DC comic book movies just seem to be more creatively interesting right now. SUPERMAN RETURNS aside, I enjoyed the recent BATMAN films, WATCHMEN, and even the much-maligned box-office failure JONAH HEX......while I thought the FANTASTIC FOUR films were really lacking, I detested WOLVERINE, and I was let down by the talky IRON MAN 2, which boasted some nonsensical action scenes devoid of much logic.

By the way, SUCH a good poster above: this image sums up THE INCREDIBLE HULK and captures the FUGITIVE-esque flavor of the HULK TV series to boot. It's too bad HULK wasn't big enough a hit to generate a sequel. When all was said and done, I think it only made $20 million more than the godawful Ang Lee version from 2003.


Javier Hernandez said...

Feige must think he has to treat Marvel actors the way the 'publishing branch' has treated lots of it's creators: Like shit.

Yeah, I'm totally losing enthusiasm for this whole 'ulitimate avengers/nick fury initiative' Avengers thing. Mark Millar's stain upon the Avengers movie is spreading...

I will say though that I found BATMAN BEGINS a bore and the DARK KIGHT had some repugnant ideas in it: 'Make Batman the villian and lie to the populace about Harvey Dent'? WTF.

I sure hope GREEN LANTERN is at least entertaining!

David Scholes said...

I'm also disappointed that Ed Norton will not be playing the Hulk in the Avengers movie.

Still I do think the movie will do well. It's my belief that any movie that groups Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together will do well. I think they have a good director for it to.

I'm certainly hoping the Thor Movie will do well. I’m a Marvel Thor fan from way back and also a long time Marvel fan fiction writer:

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Greenblatt the Great! said...

HEY, JAV! You're right, DARK KNIGHT did have some weird ethics going on, and frankly, they should've saved Two-Face for #3, whatever villain they scrounge up for #3 will probably be weak, esp. after the Joker.

I found BATMAN BEGINS kind of boring after seeing it a second time. The first time, i liked it enough, as it was all kind of new, but I thought the last part of that film dragged with that train sequence.

Jav, let's hope they don't exhaust the cheap gimmick in GREEN LANTERN and at the very end, a green arrow lands on the ground near his feet, and the audience gasps as they know what's coming in GL#2 (or a few feathers land and he looks up and hears a hawk's cry! HA HA!!)

DAVID, thanks for sharing the links. And I don't disagree that AVENGERS, CAP and THOR will do well. They'll definitely be huge at the box office. I'm talking creatively, not money-wise, that I feel these Marvel movies are tapering off.

But I'm hopeful about all of these films, especially CAPTAIN AMERICA. I think CAP and THOR will be better if they focus on their individual storylines and save the Avengers Initiative initiation stuff for the post-credits sequence. At this point, it's like, OK, WE GET IT! NICK FURY IS PUTTING THE AVENGERS TOGETHER!!!!

David, if you're at Comicon, swing by the WildCard Ink/Gumby Comics table in Small Press and introduce yourself!

JAVIER AND DAVID - Speaking of THOR and CAP, did you catch the new images from both films at this LA Times blog this morning?


Greenblatt the Great! said...
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