Monday, June 1, 2009

FLASHBACK 2008: Jerry and Stan

As San Diego Comic-Con International announces that it's completely sold out in advance of its 40th annual gathering, here's a snapshot from Comic-Con 39!

It's my BACK ISSUE! brudda JERRY BOYD, contributor extraordinaire to such TwoMorrows mags as THE KIRBY COLLECTOR, ALTER EGO, and the aforementioned BACK ISSUE!; and my SUBCULTURE soul brudda STAN YAN, the most swinginest tentacle of the Denver SQUIDWORKS clan.

Jerry, Stan, and all of my Comic-Con cronies, I'm lookin' forward to seeing y'all down there in Sandy Eggo this July. Look for me at table K-13, listed under CARTOON FLOPHOUSE. I'll have two new books to sign and sell: CARTOON FLOPHOUSE # 1 (released last November) and SILLY GOOSE, my first all-ages comic book. So come 'n' get it, I'll be the one ringing the triangle in front of the covered wagon.

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