Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marvel Bullpen Bullsh*t

I enjoyed reading these unvarnished quotes gathered in Marvel's hey day by some Bullpen insider (keep clicking on the column to enlarge to readable size).

Judging from those involved, this would have to be from somewhere in the late '70s through early '80s when John V. and Archie G. were alive and Shooter was running things. Actually, these quotes are not as catty as one would think coming out of an office situation (and they pale to some of the insults I've heard behind the scenes interviewing talent for BACK ISSUE magazine). If anything these comments are kind of witty at best.

Although I find all of the Claremont quotes ironic since I think he's the ultimate one-trick pony writer (better yet: one-trick phony??). Fuck Claremont and his boring, convoluted X-writing: Mike Friedrich rocks! Golem, Phantom Stranger! Whatup, whatup!

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